2016 Bandit 30k reviews

2016 Bandit 30K

We asked the following 6 questions:

1) Full Name, Race you participated in, Year you participated, City/State/Country represented

2) What brought you to The Bandit trail run?

3) What was the toughest part of the race (please describe a bit) and why?

4) What did you not like about the race?

5) How would you describe our race to another athlete of your calibre?

6) Feedback about the treats (at early bib pick up) if you got to taste them would also be appreciated!


1)Teresa Herrera, Bandit Trail Run 30k 2016, Woodland Hills, CA

2) I am a trail runner and heard or saw on Facebook there would be a training run(this was back in 2015) I went to the training but I was recuperating from my knee so I did not get to finish the training run and got stuck on the road before you continue to the trails, there was a gentleman who I believe is one of the race directors and him and his wife where kind enough to give me a ride back to my car, thought I’d check it out plus it’s fun doing group trainings!! I went to another training run this year, a runner buddy of mine (Danny Schurr) where having a convo on FB messenger and he had just signed up, so I decided to do it also :), it seemed like a pretty challenging trail and I had no knee issues.

3)The toughest part is the first mile and half hill that just beats you up and I loved it!!! the whole trail was challenging and well! the views where well worth it…

4)I have no complains about the race, I am looking forward to doing it again next year 🙂

5) How would you describe our race to another athlete of your calibre?

challenging, amazing views, great race planning, amazing directors, great quality shirt, cool finishing medals, and of course the most important people (the volunteers) they just kept me going, I love that a lot of them where dressed up in costumes , so random in the middle of a trail! very good energy out there when very much needed.

6) Treats where yummy, I stopped and ate in every station and stuffed my face. everything was just PERFECT


1)T Albert, 15k 2016, Los Angeles CA


My triathlon group (Fortius ) runs it every year, and I've been tricked into this awesome and difficult run 3x now.

The first two times I did the 30k.

3)The starting line.

Because you know that hill from hell awaits you.  I mean you can see it from the start, rising up in to the clouds. Taunting you.  Teasing you. Like a giant evil older sibling (I'm the youngest of 4)

4) I forgot deodorant.  So. That's on me.

5) It's a beautiful trail.  Like Land of the Lost scenic.  Hard. Real hard (like you might vomit). But absolutely worth it.  The pizza after is great too.



  1. Andrew Darrow, Bandit 30K, Calabasas, CA


2)I was seeking a challenge of physical endurance, a variety of trail features and natural beauty.  The Bandit has a great reputation for a well-organized and professionally run event with all of these features.

3)The toughest parts of the race were the start and finish.  The start is several miles of steep technical climb before your muscles have really had a chance to warm up.  The focus is on footing and endurance.  Similarly, the final 2 miles are technical downhill with tired muscles.  In the absence of good concentration, it is easy to misstep or turn an ankle.

4)There is a fair amount of downhill bedrock trail which starts to take its toll on one’s knees.

5)Ideal for an experienced runner seeking a series of extremes in a mountain trail ultra.  There are very few moderate points in this race.  The conditions are intense and constantly changing.  For those of us seeking a challenging course and a well-run event, this was an excellent experience.EndFragment

6) Unfortunately, I could not do early bib pickup so I missed your famous treats  ;  (



My name is Nicky McClintock, from Calabasas CA.  I first ran Bandit in 2012 - the 30K.  This year, in 2016, my youngest son, Casey, wanted to do his first trail race.  My husband and I ran with him for the 6K, and he really LOVED it!  I took him back to Bandit because it is a great, small, family-run race, and the people are always extremely supportive.  It was very touching for the crowd to cheer for him, as he sprinted across the finish line.  He was the youngest runner, age 8, to participate.  I think the race is challenging, and technically difficult on the way up, and definitely on parts of the descent.  The hardest part of the race is the first 2 miles, which is straight up and is very rocky.

Thank you for a fun race!  One of your colleagues, took a picture of the three of us at the finish on the hay bales.  If possible, could you please email me that picture?  I would appreciate it!




1)Martine Sesma, 30K distance, 2016, Los Angeles, CA, USA


2) I first heard about The Bandit from my friend and first running coach, Trey Barnes. He playfully told me I would probably suck at it – and he was right! I love a course that delivers a solid beating, and The Bandit was no disappointment there!


3) I ran the 30K distance, doctor’s orders to save my legs for Sean O’Brien 50-mile the following weekend. I found that the FLATTEST MILES, ironically, were the hardest! The ground is rugged and hard packed up in those hills, and I caved to the temptation to fly a little on those flat sections. I feel like bombing down Chumash Trail hurt less than those brief flat sections between miles 10-14!

4) The aid stations. They were awful. JUST KIDDING. You all were wonderful from start to finish!

5)   I’m a mid-pack runner who sometimes manages to pull a hat trick and finish Top 10 Female on races here and there. For my fellow mid-pack runners, this race is a challenging slice of SoCal trail heaven. You will take a beating. You will feel like quitting more than once. You will hurt…and you will love it! You will be in awe of the misty peaks that swell up around you as you climb that first hill, your feet may slip a little as you dash down Chumash, and your quads will start to burn. But you will shake off the pain, and you will want to come back again next year the second you’ve crossed the finish line!


Martine Sesma | Lic #0H12615


1) Christopher Kachline, 30k 2016  Im from Burbank Ca. USA

2) Heard about this run from a couple friends in my running group who had already signed up for this race.

3) The toughest part of this race was the running on the rack surface, i wore really low pro shoes that did not provide cushion from hard rock surface that made up the first part of the course. A very close second was the very beginning of the race, that up hill to hummingbird was very intense and took a lot out of me before the race really even got going. it was a huge blow to my ego and very humbling.

4) The only thing i really didn't like about this race was the road transition portion, i know there is no way around this but its the only thing that really stands out that i can say i didnt like.

5) I would say that this is a very tough but amazing race, that should be placed on everyone's calendar. it will test your endurance and pain tolerance while providing a wonderful and encouraging atmosphere by the amazing set of race staff and volunteers.


1) Cindy Parker, Bandit 30k 2016 (and 2015), Los Angeles, CA

2) Heard about it from a fellow trail runner, location and 30k distance sounded perfect!

3) Just after the aid station where the 30k and 50k split (mile 8.9 ish?) when you run the section of the fire road for~3mi.  It is a deceiving false incline and is not as beautiful as the rest of the course so it challenges you both mentally and physicially.

4) I can't really say I disliked any part of the race as it's truly a beautiful course and a well-organized and supported race.  That's why I returned for a 2nd year and will most likely return next year!

5) Fun, beautiful, challenging, well-organized, well-supported (LOVE the freezie pops at the mile 13.5ish?; pizza at the finish line was sooooo good!) - AWESOME!


Hi Sarita -

I would love to let you know how great it was.

Lori Nellis, 30k 2016, San Marcos, CA

My girlfriends had participated in this race the year before and it looked and sounded wonderful! Filled with mountain climbs and descents, beautiful views and pretty fun terrain.

The toughest part of the race in my opinion was the skinny, cha-cha inducing initial descent to the finish line! I don't remember going up that, but it sure left a fond memory. What a thrill, jumping down the rocks, traversing through some pretty tight spots!

Can't say I didn't like anything! It was beautiful So Cal day. Perfectly orchestrated for a long, fun, dirty run.

Awesome race! Minimal crowds giving it a hometown-these-are-my-people kinda feel. The views and terrain are incredible, with magical trees, thoughts of old Western Films and an expanse of mountains as far as the eye can see! Do it!!!

Looking forward to another year 😊



1) Mallory Ham, 30K, 2016, Newbury Park, CA

2) I know the area and love these trails!

3)Toughest part is either the long hill up to sea shell beds or the steep and rugged downhill to the wildlife tunnel.  The last climb up to the sea shell beds is tough because it is at the end of a few miles of sustained climbing.  The downhill to the wildlife tunnel is tough because it is near the end of the race and legs are fatigued.  If not careful, one could take a tumble there.

4)  Nothing – this is a great race – challenging and scenic!

5) Challenging and scenic.  It is not just the climbing and descents that make it challenging but the rocks and ruts require one to pay attention to nearly every step.  Which is a little sad sometimes because you don’t dare to look up too much unless you stop…

6) Did not make the early bib pickup.

Thanks for putting on a great race.  One of my favorites after this race is simply enjoying some pizza and coke and hanging out while others finish!

Best Mallory


1) Judith Akida, Bandit 30k trail

2) I used to work at Simi Valley Hospital and that area was just beautiful

3) I fell. I chose a very very tough trail especially being the first time I ran one. Trail runs are so much more mentally intuned. It was at very beautiful slope and I looked away to steal that gorgeous moment and tripped on a rock. Thankfully a wonderful volunteer running the course was right behind me. 4 other runners stopped helped me up ensured I was ok and I just hopped along. I was sore but that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Will definitely be coming back to rerun the course.

4) Wow surprisingly enough absolutely nothing!!

5) How would you describe our race to another athlete of your calibre?

The most beautiful scenery, very well organized, an easy find, lots of support and encouragement and of course get ready to be sore.



1) Lucy Leyda Bandit 2016 30K Simi Valley CA USA

2) Simi' beautiful hills and 805 Bootcamp

3) Coming back down Corringville technical, Rocky and legs shaking after 18+ miles

4) Nothing!! Great course, AWESOME people

5) The most fun, beautiful, difficult course. Anyone that has not run Bandit is missing out on a Great experience

6) Tiny bite of Heaven

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