Bandit Executive Team

There are 5 of us on the Bandit Executive team and over 80 volunteers who are committed to ensuring you have a great trail run experience. Please let us know your thoughts about the race or any changes we can make.  Happy Trails!


Randy and Sarita started 805 Boot Camp in 2006 and quickly realized that trail running was a camper favorite.  After enjoying running the Bulldog 25k / 50k  for several years they realized that Simi had something to offer.  After putting together our trails into an amazing route they gathered their trusted friends and created The Bandit Ultra Trail Run.  Our number one goal was to create a race that had all the elements we personally enjoyed from our racing experience.  We hope you feel the same.





Simi Valley residents Mat and Tommi Diaz take on and manage race timing/results and photography/marketing responsibilities respectively for this annual race. They have been actively involved with the Bandit Ultra Trail run since its beginning in 2009 and thoroughly enjoy working with the Race committee and the wonderful group of volunteers to help put on the best event possible. Mat and Tommi make physical fitness a priority in their lives and love to run and hike the many beautiful trails in the Simi Valley and surrounding areas.



Eric wears many hats during the year. During the planning months, he is responsible for setting and managing the budgets. On race day, he manages the aid stations and keeps them supplied with everything the racers need to have a successful and enjoyable experience. He is also "bearer of bad news", tasked with making the unpopular decision to cut a runner from the race if it appears the person may be in trouble (physically or mentally). He is an outdoorsman through and through, enjoying many outdoor sports and hobbies. Trail running, of course, is one of them. This combination of experiences makes Eric a perfect fit in the Bandit Trail Run executive team.
The Bandit Executive team would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to each of our volunteers who donate their time to help our runners have a great experience.  We have volunteers that have been with us all 4 years and feel so grateful.