From the Race Director

The Bandit is RETIRED – Happy Trails to all

October 5, 2016

If you didn't see our story in Ultra Running Magazine we have retired the Bandit despite many pleas to stay open.

We are passionate trail runners and really want to get out and run on this planet!  Our hope to is run with all of you one day.

P.S. I have old Bandit shirts for a sweet deal if you'd like one just send me a message to:

Happy Trails

Randy & Sarita and the rest of the Bandit Crew

The 6045 Issue 5 – News from the TOP of the Bandit Ultra Trail Run

We've made CHANGES! Good ones.

2012's Bandit Race was a complete success. All reviews have been positive, 5-star and thankfully filled with the grueling details of struggle and toughness hence the main reason we keep coming back, right?

There was just one thing that was bugging me (and a few of our 50K runners) and that was how to avoid running Marr Land twice. Well I figured it out and have tested it a few times, got Simi Valley's Recreation and Park Department's blessing and BAM it is done. Check out the new addition (see the map). Gone is the long monotonous mind-numbing second lap on Marr and in is one of the steepest, single-track and fire-road, tree covered and riverbed running additions we could find.

By now we hope you have noticed our new logo and website. Have you ever built a website? It is NOT like running trails and NOT something I'd choose to do but it was needed so I jumped in with both feet. My wife could not believe how much time I spent sitting at the computer - it was unnatural and painful! It's a work in progress.

Since this is the first Newsletter in a while I'm going to cover a few important topics.

If you haven't committed to our race yet, now is the time to make the decision and act on it.

Have you figured out how many days until February 17th, 2013?

92!! 3 MONTHS!


Countdown is ON and I hope to see you there.

Randy Shoemaker

Race Director

Bandit Ultra Trail Run


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