2015 Bandit Training runs announced

Stay tuned for details on email!  If you would like to be added please send me a message to

#1 January 17, 2015

Corriganville Park, Simi Valley, CA

7 a.m.

Will will be marking the Bandit 15k / 30k / 50k course


#2 January 31, 2015

Same info as #1



February 7, 2015

Hummingbird Trail, Simi Valley, CA

7 a.m.

We will be marking the Bandit 6k course

Bandit 50k cut off times

50k Race Announcements

The Bandit 50k is approx 31.13 miles.

Registration is 5:30 - 6:45 a.m.

Race starts 7:00 a.m.

Estimations of distance are approximate according to Race Directors Garmin link.

Restrooms:  Start / Finish line, Mile 1.37, 9, 14.73 & 20
Aid stations:  Start / Finish line, Mile 5.6, 9, 14.73, 20 & 25.31
Drop Bag 1 location:  Mile 9 & 20 (see below)

Rules on the course

Please thank every volunteer you see on the course.  They gave up a day of their life to help you have a great experience.
No Trash on the course
We will be sharing the trail with others.  Please be friendly to hikers, runners, mountain bikers and anyone on a horse.  Right of way goes to any horse and mountain bikers are supposed to allow runners the right of way but it’s ok to let them by and say a quick hello.
Trails will be marked with flour arrows and / or bright marking tape but there is no guarantee that you won't get lost. Hikers may tamper with the arrows. Other running clubs or mountain biking groups often mark their own arrows that may be mistaken for ours. Fatigue may cause you to miss an arrow. Bottom line; you are responsible for finding your own way!
Please announce your runner# at each aid station
No pacers allowed
Trekking poles are allowed this year
Crews are allowed at the Marrland and Open Space aid stations.  Driving directions are on the website. While they are waiting for you Please have them pitch in and help our aid stations.
No Dogs
Only 1 earbud (2 is rude and dangerous)
30k and 50k runners must carry 1 water bottle minimum
Slower runners give Right-of-Way to allow faster runners to pass
Don’t cut switchbacks
Notify a Bandit Crew member if you leave the race or drop-out. Seriously folks we do not want to be looking for you out on the course if you've left in addition, you will receive the bill from Search and Rescue.
Dropdowns are allowed this year during the race but you may not quality for an age division award.  The Marrland Aid station at mile 10 is your last chance to decide.

Drop Bags
Drop bags will be driven to the Marrland aid station (mile 9 & 20) for all 50k runners and returned after the last cut off at 1:00 p.m.  Please make sure and drop off your bag at registration and put your runner# or name on your bag.

Cut Off Times

There are 3 cut offs for this race:
1-    You must reach the Open Space aid station by 11:30 a.m. Mile 15
2-    You must reach the Marrland Aid station approx mile 20 by 1:00
3-    You must reach the Corriganville / Rocky Peak intersection approx mile 28.33 by 4:00 p.m.

This event will be held rain or shine. MRCA who issues the permit does have the ultimate authority to close the race in inclement weather.

Gary Valle with Photography on the Run


2014 Bandit Ultra Trail Run review

Chugging up the steep hill I thought about how the run had gone so far. Even if it was a little warm, it was still a pretty good day for a trail run! I hadn’t tried to push the pace on the initial steep climb from Corriganville, and had (mostly) resisted the temptation to pound down the Chumash Trail. The crazy-steep section of Hot Dog Hill on the out and back section of the course felt just as steep and insane as it did last year and the downhill to the Open Space aid station just as pleasant...

2014 Bandit results are posted

50k Overall     50k  Women    
Jay Bonthius


—- Maggie Beach


Ricardo Ramirez


—- Stephanie Fronk


Kenneth Ringled


—- Catherine Lambert


30k Overall     30k Women    
Marcus George


—- Lotta Alverus


Erik Archer


—- Kristin Hilger


Jason Weilert


—- Vanessa Singh


15k Overall     15k Women    
Matthew Gulden


—- Carly Johann


Jerome Vermeulen


—- Laura Crow


Jorge Barajas


—- Sharon Kovar


6k Overall     6k Women    
Joseph Biehl


—- Brittany Blackwell


Sheldon Subith


—- Amy Lambert


Omar Hart


—- Crystal Parks




Bandit Ultra Drop Down Policy 50k & 30k

Bandit Ultra Trail Run drop down policy.  Please read

A 50k or 30k runner may choose to drop down during the race.  50k runners must decide at Marrland aid station and 30k runners must decide at Chumash aid station.

Finishers medals and times will be awarded

Runner will NOT qualify for age division award

Any questions please call or write.

Randy Shoemaker

Race Director